Data validation for housing corporations guarantees data quality

Housing corporations are accountable to supervisory institutions for their performance. This accountability concerns two reports with overlapping information. The values in these reports ​​must be compared with each other. Software supplier Visma and SBR Wonen are investigating whether validation between the so-called XBRL-CSV and XBRL-XML reports is possible in the delivery process.

In the accountability information, a housing corporation must provide information about rentable units. Reporting on the data is split between two files, namely an XBRL-CSV and XBRL-XML file. Some of the information in these files is overlapping information.

In the current delivery process, the data is validated after the information is received. Not only is there a risk of errors in the information, this way of submitting and control is also labor-intensive. In addition, in the event of a mismatch in the data, the submitting process must be redone. In order to guarantee data quality and to simplify the process, it is important that the data is validated before delivery.

Overarching entry point

By drawing up a taxonomy for both files and creating an overarching entry point, validation of the data takes place in the Digipoort before the accounting information is delivered. Are the defined fields not equal to each other? Then a notification follows with the advice to check and adjust the data. Does all data match? The report will then be delivered directly to the supervisory authorities of the Housing Corporation Authority, the Social Housing Guarantee Fund, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and Aedes.

Solution for housing corporations

Sebastiaan Knipscheer, SBR Wonen: β€œIn addition to this experiment, we have previously investigated how the enormously large WOZ real estate table can be supplied via SBR. Converting the table to XBRL-CSV format decreases the size of the file by 98.2%, making it possible to include the real estate table in the accountability report. Based on the findings of these experiments, we want to develop a solution that is applicable to all housing corporations and acceptable to the accountants involved.

Addional information

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