SBR is all about data, processes and technology and the keyword is: standardisation. Labelling information in company records in a standard way results in uniformity and this information can be reused for various reports. To this end, a common data dictionary is used: the Dutch Taxonomy. Standard language is also used, which gives meaning to this information (XBRL). The software for company records in which SBR is incorporated, is connected to two digital lines which ensure that the correct report is sent to the correct party. For credit reports to banks, this is the ‘Bancaire Infrastructurele Voorziening’ (BIV) and for all other reports, the reliable government channel Digipoort.

The SBR approach comprises three elements:

SBR means standardisation of:

  • Data: Data that Dutch businesses have to deliver to the local authorities, are included in the Dutch Taxonomy. The Dutch Taxonomy is a common data dictionary that can be used for various reports. This taxonomy allows data to be reused in different reports.
  • Processes: Digipoort is the digital line to the government for a safe and reliable connection to exchange multiple reports. Digipoort ensures that businesses and intermediaries send the correct report to the correct party.
  • Techniques: XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an open standard that labels specific information. A standard language, XBRL, gives meaning to this information.