SBR is a Dutch Government initiative (part of Logius) that has been developed and expanded in close cooperation with the private sector. Banks have adopted the SBR approach and businesses, intermediaries and software vendors also use SBR. Around 100 companies and organisations have signed a covenant to continue developing SBR.

Structure of the SBR programme

The public-private partnership is structured into three types of consultation:

SBR Board

The board is the decision-making body of the Dutch SBR Programme.

SBR Platform

Private sector organisations and the government are represented in the Platform. The Platform is the link between the Board and the Expertise groups.

SBR Expertise groups

SBR Platform monitors the progress of activities of the SBR programme. Experts from the private and public domain take part in the Platform and advise on the aspects that affect the SBR Programme.

The governance structure is supported by a team of experts at Logius: the SBR Programme Team.

Target group

The target group of SBR consists of all participants within any business reporting chain, including businesses, software vendors, intermediaries, banks, governments and regulatory agencies. Each of them can benefit from the application of SBR within a reporting chain.