Nieuwe video legt in het Engels voordelen SBR uit

De video was er al in het Nederlands maar nu ook in het Engels. De animatie legt uit wat SBR is, en wat de voordelen ervan zijn. Of je nu namens een bedrijf, intermediair of overheidsinstelling gegevens verstuurt.

Benefits of SBR (in English)

Companies and governments exchange lots of data with each other, and
the quality of these data is becoming increasingly important.

Whether you send data on behalf of a company, intermediary, or
government institution, you want the exchanged data to be correct,
everyone to be on the same page, and your software to support you

Standard Business Reporting, or SBR, makes this possible, offering benefits
for all users. The agreements in the SBR framework ensure you can
exchange data reliably and safely.

For example, definitions and terms are standardized within SBR. All parties
are therefore talking about the same thing, which means you are able to do
more with the data.

Additionally, thanks to SBR you know where the data come from, and who
you are sending them to. This reduces the risk of fraud.
SBR also offers you legal certainty. All data have been validated and meet
the predefined requirements.

What’s more, you can show when you have sent data and that you have
met your obligations. So thanks to SBR, you can exchange data quickly,
safely, and easily. This creates more confidence in the digital economy.
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