Standard Business Reporting

Standard for digital exchange of business reports

Standard Business Reporting is the national standard for the digital exchange of business reports. SBR allows Dutch businesses and their intermediaries to reduce reporting and administration work in the exchange of business information to local authorities and banks.

SBR enables information in company records to be captured once only in a standard way. This means that the information can easily be reused for various reports to government agencies and a number of banks.

SBR applies international open standards, including XBRL and web services in a way that enables a high degree of automation within the business reporting processes; from data gathering and transfer to validation and processing. It makes the reporting chain more efficient and effective and delivers substantial benefits to all participants in the reporting chain.

The main benefits of SBR are:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Standardisation
  • Increased transparency
  • Increased security
  • Higher quality of data exchange

In 2015, more than 22 million SBR messages will be exchanged. Read more


SBR means standardisation of:

  • Data: Data that Dutch businesses have to deliver to local authorities are included in the Dutch Taxonomy. This taxonomy enables data to be reused in different reports.
  • Processes: Digipoort is the government’s electronic post office. Digipoort provides a safe and reliable connection for various reporting obligations and processes the messaging data between companies and local authorities.
  • Technology: XBRL is an open standard that labels specific information. A standard language - XBRL - gives meaning to this information.

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SBR is a Dutch Government initiative (part of Logius) that has been developed and expanded in close cooperation with market parties. Banks have adopted the SBR approach and businesses, intermediaries and software vendors also use SBR. Around 100 companies and organisations have entered into a contract to continue developing SBR. Read more

International use of SBR

SBR is an approach that is not only used in the Netherlands. Australia and New Zealand have worked in accordance with the SBR method for many years. A growing number of countries are interested in the Dutch SBR approach and these countries are exploring the possibilities of adopting the principles. Read more

Standard Business Reporting